Teeth Picked Up By Lionsgate and Weinsteins


Why it has taken so long for a movie like this to be made is quite amazing. This weekend Lionsgate and the Weinstein Co. have reportedly been in talks to acquire the rights to "Teeth". So what exactly is the big deal? Well in the film the girls vagina turns out to have its own pair of chompers and attacks anything it does not like.

Yikes.. Sounds like a film that only Troma could dream up. Right now there is no word on who will spearhead the theatrical run of the film or the DVD. Hopefully Lionsgate will pick up the DVD end so we won't have to head to Blockbuster to pick it up which in all likely-hood it won't be there due to Blockbusters well known censorship of movies they allow. Which actually seems to be the way they are going to go. The Hollywood Reporter is quoted as saying, "The Weinsteins intend to release the film in its current form, not cutting any of the profane material that likely would prompt an NC-17 rating."

There hasn't really been any solid genre for this film and those are usually the flicks that us horror fans embrace as our own. Because I highly doubt that any other "genre" will want to claim this bad boy. You can check out the official website here.

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