Fox Searchlight Wrangles Joshua


Fox Searchlight just acquired all Worldwide rights (except Canada) to George Ratliffs Joshua. Do not get this film mixed up with Travis Betz film that was released by Fangoria a ways back. George Ratliff first jumped onto the scene with Hell House which was a documentary about a Haunted House in Texas where a group of Christians wanted to scare God into you.

His new film Joshua is said to be The Omen meets Bad Seed with a little Rosemary's Baby thrown in for good measure. The film tells the tale of a disturbed and disturbing child who slowly turns the life of his family upside down. The studio ended up purchasing the film for $3.7 million. Thats a lot of loot for a film that was shot in just 25 days.

Much of the success for the film is being lent to the cinematographer Benoit Debie who also worked on Irreversible. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox Searchlight plan to release Joshua sometime this Summer. So keep it here and we will be sure to let you know exactly when you can catch this in the theatre.

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