Shooting Begins On Halloween?


Just a couple days ago there were reports circulating that Rob Zombie was going to go back and do some re-writes. Well either Rob is one fast dude or that was just some speculation. Today the folks over at are reporting that Sheri Moon Zombie is going to be shooting some flashback sequences for Halloween.

They also revealed that these particular scenes would be shot in Super 8 sort of like "old family footage". They weren't specific about when the shoots would take place other than this week. I'm not sure how reliable this news is but I do have to mention they did get their hands on the first still from Rob's Grind House faux trailer Werewolf Women of the SS.

So it sounds like the project is going off without a hitch. Hopefully that means that very soon we will be hearing who has been cast as Laurie Strode. I'm sure Rob is leaving that as the last announcement since this will definetly be the most controversial casting decision.

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