Agnes Bruckner Interview on Blood and Chocolate


Now I can't say I'm dieing to go see Blood and Chocolate quite simply because from what I understand its basically a love story. So all those female fans have something to go see with a little slant of horror. So for all of us guys who will be dragged to theater to see it we got some eye candy with Agnes Bruckner.

When I first heard the name I thought to myself "Agnes"? But hot damn this chick is smokin. It didn't strike me when I saw her performance in Lucky McKees brilliant little film The Woods but now she has come around.. And the big question in my mind has been answered in this interview she did with MoviesOnline.

Q: Are you seeing anybody? Are you single?

Agnus: No, I’m single.

Yeah... I'm so in.. Anyway if you want to read the actual interview you can check it all out right here. I think I'll sit here and day dream while I stare at this picture.

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