Army Of Darkness Ash vs Monsters Comic

Dynamite Entertainment announced that Army of Darkness issues 8 through 13 will be collected in the ARMY OF DARKNESS: ASH VS. THE MONSTERS (AND MORE) TRADE PAPERBACK! Best part is we have a bunch of shots from the inside of the comic. Scheduled for a March release, the collection will be featuring a Direct Market Cover Edition with art by AOD veteran Nick Bradshaw, as well as a special Mass Market Edition with art by Cammo!

This "monstrous" six issue collection features not only the Ash vs. the Monsters storyline, but the two issues that lead into the cross-over event of the 2007, ARMY OF DARKNESS VS. THE MARVEL ZOMBIES, including the sold-out issue #13! From the creative team of writer James Kuhoric along with artists Kevin Sharpe and Fernando Blanco, the Ash vs. The Monsters (And More) Trade Paperback collects issues 8-11 of the Dynamite series, which comprise the "Monsters" storyline that pits Ash against Dracula and introduces the vampire’s daughter, Eva, plus Frankenstein’s monster and more; Issues 12 and 13 present Ash's final conflict with the Deadites and the Necronomicon, ending with the “Death of Ash” and his introduction to the world of Marvel Zombies! The 164 page collection also includes a complete cover gallery!

As Dynamite and Marvel gear up to release the MARVEL ZOMBIES VS. THE ARMY OF DARKNESS cross-over mini-series, this, and all other Dynamite ARMY OF DARKNESS Trade paperback collections are a great place to get started – or get caught up – with the all-new comic book adventures of Ash!


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