Wizard of Gore Website and Trailer


Wizard of Gore (2006) PosterThe Wizard of Gore remake hasn't been mentioned on the site for awhile. It seems that the film slowly drifted away without making any more noise for awhile. But now they have launched a cool looking site and have also released a brand new kick ass trailer which welcomes you to the site.

This film is the story of a master illusionist who performs at underground venues, selecting female volunteers from his rave-like audiences. To their hysteria, it appears he has dismembered their bodies, but his sleight of hand has fooled them. The next day, however, female bodies show up dead from the same wounds performed on stage. Investigators are baffled, and the chase to find the killer begins.

Of course this is the remake of the classic film by Herschell Gordon Lewis. This remake is being directed by Jeremy Kasten with several well known actors including Crispin Glover, Brad Dourif, Bijou Philips and the Suicide Girls. So check out the Official Website for all the goodies and remember to come back for continuing coverage on the film.

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