Lots of Grindhouse Updates


Courtesy of a very long article in the NY times on GrindHouse we have us a ton of updates for the film. The article is VERY long and being that I have attention deficit disorder ( or I am really lazy you decide ) I have an abridged version courtesy of FilmIck.

  • Planet Terror is 80 minutes long
  • Death Proof 90 minutes long.
  • There will be 4 trailers between the films
  • Directors will be Eli Roth, Edwar Wright, Rob Zombie, Robert Rodriguez.
  • Tarantino claims to have put together the best car chase EVER
  • There will be a domestic torture scene between husband and wife.
  • The dialogue for the females is compared to Sex an the city meets MySpace.

If you have not yet watched the trailer, ask your friend to kick you in the nuts for being silly ( assuming of course you are a man ) and then watch it: Grind House Trailer

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