Dark Honeymoon Trailer


Bulin sent me a trailer for Dark Honeymoon but its more of a making of video. This film definitely has a very impressive cast list including the SUPER hot Red Head from Cry_Wolf, Lindy Booth. It also stars Roy Scheider and Darryl Hannah A man marries a seductive woman after a brief and passionate relationship. But during their honeymoon on the fog-shrouded Oregon coast he learns the terrible truth about her as those around them begin to die mysterious and violent deaths. The suspense builds as the number of victims increase, and he soon discovers that you never really know someoneā€¦ until you marry them.

DARK HONEYMOON is a suspenseful tale of obsession and manipulation, with echoes of "Fatal Attraction" and "Play Misty for Me." It is a film noir nightmare where the lure of enchanting beauty conceals an unimaginable terror. Watch the video

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