Jorge Olguín Offered Prom Night Remake


Jorge Olguin as you may remember is the man who was selected to direct the new adaptation of Clock Tower. Well it appears that the film has been put on hold until the middle of the year. I guess this has caught the interest of many studios waiting in the flanks to get a hold of this young talent.

According to Chilean newspaper La Tercera (via Twitch), Olguin has been offered Screen Gems remake of Prom Night. He has also received an offer to direct Open Grave which has a very kick ass sounding plot. "Waking up in the remote wilderness in a pit full of corpses, a man [with no memory] must figure out if one of the strangers who rescued him committed the heinous murders... or if he himself is the killer."

Whether or not he accepts either of those films is still anyones guess but his next job will be on his own film, The Call of the Sea. Guillermo del Toro will be executive producing the flick which is said to begin production in in April on Chiloé Island in Chile.

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