Rachael Robbins Cast in Bad Biology


Last week we broke the news that Frank Henenlotter was coming out of retirement to direct his next film "Bad Biology". Henenlotter is truly a Master of Horror having directed some real cult classics from Basket Case 1 and 2, Brain Damage and Frankenhooker. Today one of our own Fresh Meat Vixens Rachael Robbins dropped us a line letting us know that she has been cast in the film. Here is what she said:

"I was cast in the movie “Bad Biology” directed by Frank Henenlotter (‘Basket Case’ 1,2, &3, ‘Frankenhooker’, ‘Brain Damage’) who came out of retirement to direct this soon-to-be-classic about a penis monster terrorizing an apartment building. I of course, play one of the tenants in the building who has a run in with said Penis Monster! It was so cool to work with him. The set was really laid back and the vibe was super chill."

OK so now Bad Biology has a weird penis monster? This movie is starting to sound more and more like a Troma production. Keep it here for more as we hear it.

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