More Stills From Hills Have Eyes 2


Today three more Hills Have Eyes 2 pics have been spotted online. One of them has a pretty kick ass looking mutant up in the mix so they are worth taking a look at. Not long ago the first pic appeared online and it was pretty good for a little sneek peak. If you want to check out the new ones Latino Review got their hands on them right here.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 is being directed by Martin Weisz whose previous work I have yet to see in Grimm Love. The script which was penned by Wes Craven and his son Jonathan Craven, the National Guard is called out and discover one of their camps in disarray. Soon they spot a distress signal and decide to head out to help the unlucky straggler. Unbeknownest to them they are in the same mountains where Carter family met their untimely demise. As you can imagine chaos ensues.

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