Their Is No Killer Inside Rocco


A couple days you may remember the announcement that came from Variety regarding Marc Rocco as the director of The Killer Inside Me. Well today according to the Producer Chris Hanley he has no idea how this article got published. He quickly got in touch with IGN and issued the following statement:

"This Variety article is the first I have heard the name Marc Rocco in association with my motion picture project Killer Inside Me. ... I was not consulted at all by Variety, or by any of the people purporting to be financing or directing the movie in that article."

"I certainly was not in a position to support the director etc. as stated in the article as I knew nothing about it. And I am the main rights holder I may add."

Later he mentioned that currently he is working with John Curran to direct the film but didn't give any other solid info. So it looks like this film won't be seeing the light of day for awhile. But if anything else develops we will be sure to let you guys know.

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