The Eye Remake Cast Grows

Sin CityDirty Robot wrote in with news that The Eye remake cast has expanded.  Alessandro Nivola (Grace Is Gone) and Parker Posey (Superman Returns) will join Jessica Alba in the English-language remake of the Pang Brothers' thriller The Eye.

Awhile back we announced that Jessica Alba would be appearing in the remake to The Eye. This all happened because Paramount dropped the rights and Lionsgate picked up the pieces. Lionsgate are hoping to get the movie in theatres on December 21st, 2007.

The original film directed by The Pang Bros. was a brilliant film that told of a young woman who had been given the ability to see after an eye transplant. It seems that whenever you get something from someone else its never a good deal. Soon she begins to see dead people around the hospital and she must discover whos eyes she has recieved.

The remake will be adapted by Sebastian Gutierrez and Hillary Seitz. Directing the film will be another tag team of David Moreau and Xavier Palud. With the ultra hot Jessica Alba in the cast this movie is definetly going to sell some tickets whether it is good or not. If the movie is even half as sexy as Jessica Alba it will sweep the Emmys

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