Gremlins 3 Coming Soon?


With the huge success that direct to DVD films have been experiencing it has come as no surprise that the big studios have finally decided to cash in on it. With the recent creation of Raw Feed and the announcement of films like Wrong Turn 2 and The Lost Boys 2 it is only natural that a sequel to Gremlins would come up.

According to Moviehole, if they do make a Gremlins 3 none of the original folks would be back to work on it. Producer Michael Finnell spoke with Empire Magazine in which he said “they [WB] might do a low-budget direct-to-DVD version”. He went on to say they neither he nor original director Joe Dante would get involved.

Not long ago Dante commented on the possible sequel saying “Gremlins was governed by the technology that produced it. Now it would be CGI, and you could do anything. There may be places for the jokes to go [The White House?]. But you’ve got a company who owns the rights to a movie that they don’t quite understand. I think it’s going to be difficult for them to make another one”.

So there is still is no solid evidence that they will infact be making a Gremlins 3 but it appears that everything is lining up for it to happen. It is almost a guaranteed hit on a straight to DVD format. As soon as we get some more information about the film we will be sure to let you know.

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