Brenna Toils with Voodoo Rising


It seems that lately alot of our Fresh Meat Vixens have been getting a lot of work. Coincidence? I think not! Anyway today Brenna Lee Roth dropped us a line letting us know that her next film will be a production known as Voodoo Rising. The films official Myspace page reveals the following plot:

Who do you trust when your stranded in the middle of nowhere and the help is scarier than the dark? The cars dead, your friends are missing, and your cell phones not working? When what you perceived to be your salvation turns into your most feared nightmare. In this action/thriller, there is a group of campers who find themselves riding the line between reality and the mystical world of voodoo! Come join them on an attempt to save their lives and their souls.

Sounds interesting enough to me especially with Brenna involved. Right now that is all the information I have for you on the project so keep your on this site for more as we hear it.

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