Tobin Bell Joins Boogeyman 2


How do you give street cred, to a crappy idea like Boogeyman 2? You cast Tobin Bell in it. Bell is slated to star in the sequel, which was to me one of the worst films I have seen in awhile. Its amazing that someone even thought to do a sequel to such a horribly executed film but the first film did bring in a handsome $46.7 million at the box office. So if you are scratching your heads at why this movie is being made.. People went to see it and it made money and to studios thats the bottom line.

Anyway the new film is getting off the ground now with director Jeff Betancourt. This time around the film centers on a young woman with a long-term phobia of the boogeyman, who voluntarily checks herself into a mental health facility with the hope of conquering her overwhelming fears. However, much to her horror, she discovers that some things are terrifying on purpose, and confronting her demons was not the best course of action.

Ghost House Pictures have just released the first of their webisodes for the film with Jeff Betancourt explaining what process they are in the middle of. You can check that out here.

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