Manhunt 2 Is On The Way!


I remember when the first Manhunt came out and I picked it up for Playstation 2. In the game you play a convicted mass murderer sentenced to death, James Earl Cash. Only on the way to your death you are rescued by Starkweather or The Director. Later you find out he simply rescued you to throw you into a Running Man type game where through stealth missions you must sneak up and kill gang members.

A really cool game made by the infamous Rockstar. Today they released a statement that they will be revisiting the game with Manhunt 2. Not much was revealed except that it will be released on three systems PS2, PSP and the Wii. Can you imagine smashing the gangsters in the face with a broken bottle using the wii-mote? I can't wait.

Right now all they have is a small website that doesn't giveaway very much information. However it does have a short teaser for the game which is looking pretty good. Right now Rockstar is looking to release the game sometime this summer. Keep it here for more.

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