Direct to DVD Jaws?


Just when you think their could be nothing worse than the remake trend something else comes along. Now it is the direct to DVD market that has Hollywood running wild looking to ressurect films from the past to plaster a sequel to. We have already seen this happening with the possible Gremlins 3, Lost Boys 2, Wrong Turn 2 and even I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer.

The DVD market has proven that through some crazy fluke that Hollywood can simply put out a movie with a famialar title and people will rent/buy it. Now FilmRot has picked up on a new rumor that they are planning on doing a straight to DVD sequel to Jaws simply because they own the title and the music. I'm not sure how solid this info actually is but it sounds like something out of Hollywood alright.

They also mentioned in the article that studios are planning on releasing back to back sequels for the Fast and the Furious STD (Straight to DVD) as well as Deep Blue Sea, Van Helsing and possibly even The Mummy 3. If you want to hear the whole sordid tale for yourself which is a rather funny yet disturbing read you can check it out here.

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