Another Body for Zombie's Halloween


There has been yet another soul added to the long cast of Rob Zombie's Halloween. This time it is another familiar face both from Rob Zombies previous films and the genre, Tom Towles. I would say his most memorable role was in Henry but he has also appeared in The Devils Rejects and Night of the Living Dead '90.

Tom Towles will be joining Scout Taylor-Compton, Sybil Danning, Richard Lynch, Jenny Gregg Stewart, Kristina Klebe, Udo Kier, Malcolm McDowell, Brad Dourif, William Forsythe, Daeg Faerch, Sheri Moon Zombie, Hanna Hall, Tyler Mane, Dee Wallace Stone, Pat Skipper, Adrienne Barbeau, Lew Temple, Courtney Gains, Ken Foree, Clint Howard, Danielle Harris, Danny Trejo and Daryl Sabara.

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