Teaser for Faces of Death Remake


I can remember about seven years ago when my friend and I went to the local rental store and picked up The Faces of Death. It was something that was kind of forbidden and I almost felt bad for watching. What I thought I saw on the screen were real life suicides, mutilations, autopsies, and all kinds of differents crimes commited against man and animal kind.

Little did I know that in fact the videos had been for the most part all fake. It became one of the biggest hoaxes in the genre. Soon the series spawned a couple more sequels before fizzling out into the far reaches of the ma and pa rental stores. Where I found the copy I saw.

But not long ago it was announced that JT Petty would be reviving the series by remaking the original. It is more of a new head start rather than a remake I would say. So in order to kick up some interest he made a mock up teaser trailer. I must warn you that it is VERY graphic so you have been warned. You can check it out here.

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