New Doomed to Consume Trailer


It has been a long time since we have heard anything from the guys over at NFTS Productions. But just today they released a second trailer for their new homegrown zombie flick Doomed to Consume. The last time a trailer for this film was released was about a year ago so we are finally getting something to look at once again.

The film is now in post production and is very close to becoming a finished product. Directed by Jason Stephenson and appearing as a "hero" zombie Joe Knetter will light up the screen. You can check out the full trailer by clicking the link here.

A small Mid-western town is thrust into chaos after an airborne virus swiftly turns most of the locals into raving mad zombies with an insatiable hunger for the living!

Caught amidst the epidemic is an eclectic group of survivors who’ve been hiding out in a ram- shackled farmhouse. Now running low on food, water and vital ammunition to keep the growing number of living dead at bay, they pack up their gear and set out for a better location in hopes of salvation.

Will they live to see another day, or will they too become DOOMED TO CONSUME?!

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