NECA Updates From NY Toy Fair


NECA has quickly become a fan favorite of horror figure collectors. They just recently annuonced that they will be making all the toys for one of the most anticipated films this year Grindhouse. Today NECA made a couple more announcements regarding their Cult Classics line and some other figures they have in the pipeline.

First up is a couple of new figures that they have added for the Cult Classics 6 Lineup. Included in the series will be S-Mart Ash, David & Michael from Lost Boys, and they are also working on two new Dawn of the Dead figures. In the newly formed Cult Classics Hall of Fame line they will be releasing a new Jigsaw figure. No details on what will be special about this release but an update is expected shortly.

The Resident Evil Anniversary Collection 2 has a line up including Tyrant, a Crimson Head Zombie, a Hunter and a Licker. They have also announced a new Castlevania lineup that has lined up a new Simon Belmont, Alucard, Dracula and Succubus. So far it sounds like they have alot on their hands but the best announcement I left for last.

In the summer they plan on releasing a 12" Stuntman Mike from Grindhouse. Yea a 12" Kurt Russel action figure.. If thats not kick ass then I don't know what is. NECA has also revealed that they will be working with Rob Zombie later this year on a new line of figures for his El Superbeasto cartoon along with his upcoming reimagining of Halloween.

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