Rogue Has Returned

2007 has promised us two killer croc flicks destined for theatrical release. The first being Primeval which as everyone should know got yanked in Januaray from an original April release date to a mid-Januaray release date. Which of course brought high questions of its overall quality as well as a move by Hollywood Pictures to beat the other croc flick to theaters. The Primeval busted.

Not long after that, the Weinstein Company yanked their own croc flick Rogue from release. With the Weinstein's track record in recent years not only in our genre but with film in general, we wondered if we would ever see it.

Well folks, during my usual net rounds I saw that the folks over at Fangoria got word that Australian director Greg McLean's follow up to Wolf Creek is hitting cienmas on April 20. Which to my surprise was Pimeval's own original date.

In Rogue a cruise down one of Australia's waterways takes a turn for the worst when the boat strikes something on the bottom and begins to sink. The captain beaches the boat on a small island, but the passangers start to realize they have landed in the terrirtory of a very hungry crocodile..and the tide is begining to rise.
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