Mezco Aim to Please!


Just yesterday we posted about some of the great stuff that NECA has coming our way. Well today Mezco rocked the New York Toy Fair with a TON and I mean a TON of horror related action figures, plushes, dioramas and anything else you can think of. The images from these lineups are flying in from

Lucky for us DC was on hand to gather some information regarding each of the lines. First off Mezco is planning a Cinema of Fear lineup. This line will include Chop Top with alternate head and his dead friend from TCM 2 (pictured below), Freddy from Dream Warriors with his skeleton from the junkyard scene, Leatherface and Jason. The Freddy skeleton and the TCM 2 dead body will be non articulated pack ins. In the gallery they also have sneak peeks at what Series 2 will be. Check out the images here and try and guess who they will be.

Mezco is also working on producing a very cool looking "Cinema of Fear Stylized" line. So far the only figure announced for that is Jason. He looks amazingly cool for a action figure with a removable mask, machete and a decapitated head. That gallery is located here.

They also have two more new Cinema of Fear lines coming. One is called "Screen Grabs" which will feature some of the bad ass moments in horror history including Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Friday the 13th. Also up is a new Plush series which despite the negative conotation to plush figures still look pretty bad ass. Included in that series are Jason, Leatherface and Freddy.

Lastly Attack of the Living Dead will also be getting a new line up of figures. So Mezco is going to drive some of us into the poor house with this MASSIVE announcement. Hopefully we will see more from them very soon. Click on the image below to see all of the images from the lines mentioned above.

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