No Jaws 5 Straight to DVD


Not long ago we were caught up in a slew of news pointing to possible straight to DVD sequels. Among them was a classic in the genre Jaws. Apparently the news bothered Kevin Smith so much that he actually went to the head of Universal and asked him what was going on and posted his response on the official View Askew Message Board.

"I dropped an email to David Linde to ask if this was true, and he said folks are confused: there's an HD "Jaws" DVD on its way, but no "Jaws 5" straight-to-DVD. And if you can't believe Universal's top brass, who can you believe?"

Yea, who can we believe? I'm not sure. But lets hope that this is true and they are in fact not going to continue to beat the franchise to death. But there are still a number of franchises that are still getting the bone. Keep it here for more as we learn it about the fate of more franchises and this recent trend.

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