TONS of New Release Dates


Several horror films are getting shuffled around and even more new films are getting their first date set. Hopefully this will be the final resting spot for some of these films as they have been moved constantly for quite some time.

Lets start off with the films that are simply being moved around. First up the One Missed Call remake is being moved back over four months for a new date of January 8th, 2008. Severance was just pushed back two weeks to April 20th. I don't think that move will last simply because now it is contention with The Tripper and Rogue.

Now its time to celebrate as some new films have finally gotten a release date. First up I have to mention that Day Watch now has a date set for July 11th. That film has been a long time coming. Magnolia Pictures have also come out and given The Signal a release date of August 10th.

Of course this is probably by no means the last time the dates will be played around with but we can always hope they will stick around. So keep it here so we can keep you up to date with all these crazy release date changes as they come in.

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