Jet Li IS The Mummy in Mummy 3

According to IGN via our compadres at TheMovieBlog our earlier reports of Jet Li being the bad guy in Mummy 3 are oh so true!

In related news, an IGN reader dropped us a line about The Mummy 3 and director Rob Cohen. "I attend Chapman University in Orange, CA where tonight Rob Cohen did a Q&A after a screening of his film Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story. During the Q&A, someone asked what he thinks about Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

In his answer, he confirmed that Jet Li will play the Mummy in The Mummy 3, which he is directing. He also said that the film will take place in China and Michelle Yeoh will also be in the film. The biggest bombshell was that the film's protagonist will not be Brendan Fraser, but rather his character's son, now 22 years-old. Also, Jet Li will be the head Mummy in a group of Mummies that were the Teracotta army."

I think we may have something good in the works based on this update.

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