Christopher Erin revives Sams Lake

Christopher Erin has made a deal with Maverick Productions to bring his short horror film Sam's Lake back to the big screen. Sam's Lake featured former "Avonlea" actress Molly Atkinson as Sam, a young woman who, every summer, returns home to the secluded country cottage she grew up in, to reconnect with her traditions, people and memories of the past. Every year, she carefully selects a few friends from the city to share in a few days of relaxation and story-telling and adventure in the isolated forests of northern Ontario. This trip, Dominik, Melanie and Franklin join Sam on her annual trip, but soon learn her terrifying secret.

Sounds ok to me. A film like this can quicky become a bomb unless it has a strong cast and a dierector who really likes the script. We'll have to see if they can pull it together and make a good movie for us.

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