Already Dead Headed to the Screen


Phoenix Pictures and Mike De Luca Prods. are teaming up to adapt Charlie Huston's Already Dead novel into a feature film. They have already tapped Scott Rosenberg to adapt the novel into a screenplay. Hustons novel is the first of a series of five books that has prodcuers thinking there is potential for a franchise there.

Already Dead revolves around a vampire who happens to be a private detective hired by a Gotham socialite to track down her runaway daughter. The city's vampires are afflicted with a virus that requires them to drink blood, and they run through the city in clans. A new virus that turns victims into carnivorous zombies threatens to upset the balance between humans and vampires.

Hustons second novel in the series has just been released, No Dominion. Of course the franchise is subject to how well the first film does. Currently they have no directors tapped for this feature. Keep it here for more.

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