Raw Feed's Next Film: Believers


Warner Home Videos straight to DVD venture Raw Feed is finally starting to hit its stride with its next film near completion. The first film was directed by John Shiban, Rest Stop was a slasher and the upcoming Sublime film was directed by 24 Producer Tony Krantz. Next up Daniel Myrick (Blair Witch Project) is going to be directing the next film for Raw Feed, Believers.

Raw Feed has already set the release date for the film, June 19th. Paramedics David Vaughn and Victor Hernandez answer an emergency call in the rural outlands of southern California where they come upon a lonely gas station and find an unconscious woman, Rebecca and her terrified daughter, Libby. According to Libby, the two are on the run from a cult known as THE QUANTA GROUP led by a man the members call The Teacher. As both David and Victor are in the process of trying to save this girls' mother, a group of strangely tattooed men pull up in a pick-up truck and kidnap them all at gunpoint.

They are then driven to a remote facility where they learn they have been abducted by a doomsday cult that is in its final preparations to "transfer" into the next life. Below is the first official still that has popped up from the film on its Official Myspace page.

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