Lake Placid 2 Going Straight to DVD


It seems that Fox is the one studio that is getting really trigger happy with this straight to DVD phase. The first Lake Placid film was quite good with some nice chomping action and a good dose of humor I enjoyed it. Not to mention one of the Golden Girls went ape shit.

So now of course they are gearing up another film according to This time around Dave Flores who is famous or infamous for Boa vs Python will direct. The story will basically be the same pitting a small town against a gigantic crocodile. Starring in the film is John Schneider who will be joined by Cloris Leachman and newcomer Chad Collins.

The movie will be filmed in Bulgaria of all places. Now you have yet to even hear the worst part. The film will first be featured on the SciFi Channel where films are guilty until proven otherwise. Then Fox will release it on DVD.

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