Gazza Makes Final Run


Now soccer is not really something that I am into but I do know that soccer fans are loyal to a T. So when I heard that ex-soccer player Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne would be appearing in a film name recognition alone might help this movie make back it measley budget of $2.5 million. Today it was announced that Gazza will topline a new horror actioner Final Run.

Frank director Stephen James Bland will be at the helm of the picture. The screenplay was put together by poet Philippa Juul. Apparently Gazza will play a survivor of an alien invasion. Not much else is given away about the story but it is being described as Alien meets Black Hawk Down and that it is very character-dirven and not just another mindless shoot'em up.

Also set to star in the flick is Lois Winstone. No word on what she will play but my guess is gonna be that she will also be a survivor. Final Run is scheduled to shoot in the U.K. this summer. If Gazza has any hope of having a successful career in film he better take notes from Vinnie Jones who has went on to have landed many roles in films across the board including Midnight Meat Train.

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