Zombie's Bro Picks Up A Camera


Powerman 5000 frontman Spider who just so happens to also be Rob Zombies brother is also picking up the camera to direct his own feature. Spider originally developed the idea with none other than Steve Niles and began to pitch it around Hollywood. Soon he realized however that he would have to direct some footage to show to the big suits that it could work.

The idea is eerily familiar though. In a "alternate universe" the cops are having trouble with vampires, werewolves and zombies. In an effort to sway the voters to their side politicians decide to show that they have the problem under control by making a reality TV show ala COPS. Only instead of chasing down people these guys will be chasing down the supernatural.

Now upon first reading this idea I was instantly reminded of Matt Rose and Chad Waters When Zombies Attack!! It didn't have all the backstory but it was COPS with zombies. I'm guessing this is probably just a coinicidence because When Zombies Attack never really got off the ground.

Spider is also lucky enough to be working with SOTA's Roy Knyrim on special FX for the short. Fango snuck in for a sneek peak behind the scenes and managed to get a glimpse at the madness that was going on. Click on the still below to see a couple more over there.

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