The Echo Remake Update!


Some of you may remember awhile back when the announcement was made that filmmaker Yam Laranas would be remaking his own film Sigaw aka The Echo. Today he has dropped some knowledge about what is going on and when filming is about to begin.

"We have been working non-stop on the script since November last year. We certainly don't want to rush the screenplay just for the heck of it. We hope to start grinding end of March and definitely in New York City."

It all sounds very promising and judging from some of the locations that he has been scouting in New York City this is gonna be a great flick. He hasn't been able to reveal any potential casting because of course the script hasn't been locked down but once we recieve word we shall let you know.

Here is a couple pics from locations he has been scouting in New York City. Some pretty creepy stuff if you ask me.

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