Skinwalkers Trailer

I am a fan of a good werewolf movie. The Howling is hands down my favorite quickly followed by An American Werewolf in London. Though a good, pure werewolf film has been hard to find these days. Wes Craven could have brought the beasts back to the cinemas with Cursed if it wasn't for Weinstein intervention and outside of some low budget films like The Beast of Bray Road (pretty decent) and the theatrical Underworld movies and the recent Blood & Chocolate (which by all accounts was pretty bad)...the werewolf hasn't been around as much.

But hopefully all that will change. IFilm has just gotten the trailer for Skinwalkers, a werewolf film courtesy of James Isaac of Jason X. And even if you didn't like X, the fact that Stan Winston's studio will bring us the werewolves should be reason enough to check this puppy out.

The trailer is right here. It looks very, very cool in my opinion.

In Skinwalkers, a mother and her 12 year old son find themselves between two battling groups of werewolves. One side of good werewolves wants to protect him at all costs from another group of werewolves who relish their lifestyle want to keep up their style of living.

Skinwalkers is due to hit theaters on March 30

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