Details and Stills for Lake Placid 2


Last week it was revealed that Lake Placid 2 was indeed coming. Today caught up with the director Dave Flores and got him to spill the beans on several levels. However the story is still pretty hazy. What he did manage to say was that the film will take place seven years after the first and all the baby crocs have grown up causing the town of Lake Placid alot of problems.

The film will indeed be airing first on the Sci-Fi Channel of course and then will be released by Fox on DVD. I found it pretty funny that he said he got the job because of his "success with the comedy/creature genre." I'm not sure if that means were in trouble yet but we shall see.

Oddly enough filming for the film in Bulgaria is already finished. I guess these SciFi films do have a quick turnaround. One note that I found at least a little good to hear is that they will be linking the films together. Cloris Leachman will be playing a character named Sadie Bickerman who must obviously be related to the Golden Girls Betty White character Dolores Bickerman. Not much of a link but at least its something.

Moviehole also managed to get a hold of a bunch of stills for the film as well. You can click on the image below to check out many more from the film.

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