Pans Labyrinth a Winner at the Academy Awards


I knew that it was almost impossible for Pan's Labyrinth not to walk away without at least one statue but to come away as the second biggest winner of the night is pretty big. Guillermo del Toro's adult fairy tale recieved three awards including Best Achievement in Cinematography, Best Achievement in Art Direction and Best Achievement in Makeup.

Its not very often that we get the spotlight shone on films in our genre. But a man as talented a Guillermo del Toro was bound to have a film that won some awards. The real shame here is that it did not take home Best Foreign Language Film of the Year. In my opinion it was robbed by The Lives of Others. But at least it came away a winner for the night.

Unfortunately however The Departed which is by far one of the biggest rip offs in the history of the Academy Awards walked away the big winner of the night with four. The movie is essentially a remake of Alan Mak's Infernal Affairs. So this year oddly enough a REMAKE won four Academy Awards.. Shame..

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