Stephen King Talks Dark Tower & Comics


At the NY comic con we had a chance to talk to Stephen King about some various projects he has on the go. First off he discussed the rumors of The Dark Tower Novels getting re-written.

The series has been written over a long period of time, and it’s a work that is still in progress, and that’s why I rewrote the first book, because the vision I had of what was going on got clearer as it went along, so for instance, I looked back at the first book and I said to myself you know there is a lot that I can do with this now, now that I know how everything turns out in the end. I’m a really instinctual writer, I don’t really work on an outline. 

We did an outline for a lot of the dark tower stuff when I started, but I was stoned or we lost it, (laughter)….so when I got done and I looked at it and I said you know this horn of Adolf should be here at the front, and that’s what you do when you re-write a book, you see all of the elements…what I’m saying is that I know now some things that I can do, I’d like to back and fix it up, these people are helping me with a lot of the stuff, and who knows, I might end up novelizing their comic book.

There is a Dark Towers Comic series coming that has the Marvel Character  Dr. Doom in it and he pretty much made it clear they dont really have a direction or complete ideas on what other characters might appear in the comic.

It’s really sort of a group effort at this point. If that idea came up, we might toss something into the mix, but don’t mistake us for people who know what we’re doing.

As a side note on the comic book front Stephen King also let us know that The Stand would be getting the comic book treatment as well. Needless to say that is kick ass news.


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