Cage wants to be a Fly


For a while now rumors of a remake of David Cronenberg's 1986 remake of the 1958 Vincent Price classic The Fly has been circulating around the community.  Well folks, some very bad news from the folks over at Dread Central

David Cronenberg is currently working on an opera version of Fly and he is not taking part with the remake.  But he is being told what is going on with it and Cronenberg has just spilled the beans about him hearing of a certain bee hating, bear suit wearing, woman punching thespian who wants to be in it.

Yes folks, Nicholas Cage wants to be in the remake and no doubt he wants the lead. 

Already I hate the current string of remakes and no doubt in my mind, the remake of The Fly is gonna be another long music video.  And if Cage signs on, with his name this thing might roll forward unfortunantly. Well folks, lets brace ourselves.

I couldn't find any director attached to it but IMDB says that Fox Searchlight is the company behind the remake and writer named Todd Lincoln is penning the screenplay.

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