Darren Lynn Bousman Directing Scanners Remake


Scanners is one of my all time favorite movies. Today word comes that Darren Lynn Bousman who directed Saw II and SAW III will be directing the remake of one of the best sci-fi horror flicks made. David Cronenberg's 1981 horror film is a darkly paranoid story of a homeless man, Cameron Vale (Stephen Lack), mistakenly believed to be insane, when in fact he can't turn off the sound of other people's thoughts in his telepathic mind.

Helped by Dr. Paul Ruth (Patrick McGoohan) and enlisted in a program of "Scanners"--telepaths who also can will heads to explode--he becomes involved in a battle against nefarious forces.

A number of critics consider this to be Cronenberg's first great film, and indeed it has a serious vision of destiny that rivals some of the important German expressionist works from the silent cinema.

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