Rob Zombie Interview, Halloween


Our good friends at Rue Morgue Magazine had a chance to talk to Rob Zombie about the upcoming Halloween movie and more then anything they debunked all the rumors on the internet, including the one that after negative script reviews he scrambled to do rewrites, quote:

There’s no truth to anything [ rumors of the rewrites] ever. I actually don’t have any idea what’s going on online because I would say it’s always about 99 percent nonsense. I don’t have to pay any attention to that because it doesn’t mean anything. People don’t really know how movies are made or what goes on or the things that change, the channels that things go through. For a few minutes, when I first started, someone would always email me and go, “Is it true so-and-so is Laurie Strode?”

 “No, it’s no true, I don’t even know who that person is you’re mentioning.” But then it would get posted anyway and y’know, I’m done, I can’t address nonsense all day long, I’ve got actual work to do. Clearly, they would sit at home, think of something and just put it out there because there was no basis in anything ever. Life’s too short to address bullshit all day long.

Its a great interview with lots of insights, go give the whole interview a read. Thanks to Mike from ReelHorror for the heads up.

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