SAW Movie Stolen Idea?


Seems there is a lawsuit in the works. I dont even like talking about this kind of shit but when it involves a movie like SAW you have to. The creator of a film called DEN is claiming that the makers of SAW ripped off his movie. The implication is that they saw it at a film festival he attended, and made their own version. A couple specific items he points to are:

  • Two men wake up with no memories chained to a wall.
  • the victims have to pit each other against one another to survive
  • both films there is a tub of water next to the victim
  • Their are hidden secrets tieing the victims together
  • Both films the lead is a doctor
  • the posters for both films are damn similar
  • Both leads have a secret involving infidelity
  • The killer is secretly watching them
  • The ending is similar accept for the location.

You can read an interview with the creator of DEN where all of this info came from right here. WHATEVER you do hit our boards and sound off. I am keeping my thoughts to myself on this one.. i will post em on the boards.

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