Oded Fehr not in Mummy 3


According to our friends at FilmStalker Oded Fehr will not be returning for the Mummy 3. According to IGN

"I have no doubt that there's going to be a third one," said Fehr. "I spoke to the director of the first two — Stephen Sommers who wrote and directed them. As far as I know, I'm not involved. My character is not involved in the third one. Though, I'm sure it'll be great. If they did ask me to do a third one, I would gladly do it. The movie will forever be very close to my heart, and it's very much a part of me being an actor."

Oded Fehr has recently been playing the lead role on the HBO special Sleeper Cell which is a fantastic show in which he plays a Terrorist Cell leader.

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