White Noise 2 Getting Theatrical Run?


Strange. It seems that our earlier reports that White Noise 2 is going right to DVD are not accurate. According to the director it might still see the light of the theaters. He told MovieHole quote:

As of me writing this there the release of the film has not been determined by Rogue. When I last spoke to the heads of the studio they had not committed either way. Why would they go straight to DVD, if they decided to do so? Well... that's a very political question and has to do with how much they think the film might make versus how much it costs to release a film theatrically. It also is determined by how much money they have on hand for releasing not just this but all the films on their slate. It doesn't reflect on the film itself, regardless of what you might think. So whether or not the film is theatrical or DVD has not been determined for a variety of reason as of this moment, Feb14th at 1:30 pm, 2007. Regardless of how it shows up, I hope people seek it out to see something different from both Nathan and Katee who are so great in the film.

Thanks to Mike from ReelHorror for the heads up. I know alot of you did not like White Noise, but I did! You can checkout the White Noise 2 trailer and decide what you think, does it deserve a theatrical run?

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