No Sequel to Shaun of the Dead

According to ZOO Magazine (An online UK newspaper), there are no plans to make a sequel to the highly successful 'Shaun of the Dead'.  Here is what Simon Pegg, lead actor of the movie, had to say about Shaun of the Dead and his next project.

"Simon Pegg, star and creator of British zombie hit "Shaun of the Dead", has given ZOO Magazine exclusive news about his next film: another comedy with the stars of the UK comedy series "Little Britain". The as yet untitled film aims to do for the action genre what Shaun... did with horror.

Pegg told ZOO, "We want to make the great British action film. It'll be the same kind of thing as Shaun... we're not taking the piss out of action, just as we didn't take the piss out of horror. But it'll still be stupid and silly, of course. It'll have the same tone and the same people." However, Pegg quashed rumours he'd make Shaun 2 - "We did play with the idea of a sequel, but sequels can damage the reputation of the original. Plus most of the characters are dead!"

Scripting starts in the autumn with director Edgar Wright and the new film should hit cinemas in 2006. Pegg has pitched the film as "The Wicker Man crossed with Hard Boiled" Alfred Molina and Dustin Hoffman are wanted for cameos."

Well, sad news for us horror/zombie fans but if they can do as good a job on this new film as they did with Shaun of the Dead I don't think we will be disappointed!

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