Slamdance Brings the Slaughter


Not long ago Slamdance held a competition for the best horror screenplay. If you were to win you would get not only a $10,000 prize but they would also produce your script. Well the lucky guys to win were from the U.K. Nathan Brookes and Bobby Darby. There script was titled Slaughter and so far not much has been announced about exactly what the script will be about.

The Hollywood Reporter annuonced today that Angel Baby Entertainment and Maverick Red in association with Slamdance would be producing the script. They also mentioned that the script is an homage to Japanese cult horror films. I really have no idea what that is supposed to mean but I'm guessing it may include a couple long haired ghosts.

So far that is all they have released on the film. No director has been attached and no word on when the project may begin. Hopefully we will be hearing more on this one soon.

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