New Return of the Living Dead DVD?


Return of the Living Dead is by far one of the best if not THE best zombie comedies of all time. It has the great direction of Dan O'Bannon coupled with that fantastic 80's charm. Not to mention Linnea Quigley running around in the nude as Trash, a classic scene. So any fan should perk their ears when talks of a new DVD hits the wire. But maybe not with this news.

According to a small fan run website MGM has been secretly ramping up to release a new DVD. Well as it turns out they have got together a bunch of the cast including Jewel Shepard, William Stout, Beverly Randolph, Don Calfa, Linnea Quigley, James Karen and Allan Trautman. While they were doing the commentary however they had stand in zombies growling and so forth in the background.

I'm not sure who thought of that idea but it was a horrible one and so did the participants. So the idea was nixed. The sad part about the whole DVD is that apparently they will not include ANY extras except some trailers. I'm not exactly sure how this will get people to double dip especially considering the last edition is readily available and still very cheap. At any rate we will be keeping a close eye on this so keep it here for more. 

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