First Footage from Halloween and More Details


As most of you know by now this has been probably one of the most controversial remakes of all time. People actually protesting and several out cries have been made online about the script. Well today alot of things were cleared up as Rob Zombie did an interview with MTV.

For one he revealed one of the biggest things that people were complaining about and that is that it was believed that Myers was going to speak. "(Young Michael) gets to deliver [lines], but of course the older Michael is completely [silent]; he doesn't say a thing, he just wears a mask and terrifies everybody to death."

The article also revealed several other tidbits including that Myers will not be driving in this film. Which makes sense, I have always wondered how the hell he knew how to jump in a car and drive all the way to Haddonfield if he never learned to drive in the first place. It was also revealed that McDowell and Taylor-Compton would return for a possible sequel without Zombie of course.

On a down note though it sounds as if they are removing the iconic theme that John Carpenter created. According to Zombie, "The actual way it sounds now doesn't really work with what we're doing." You can check out more tidbits and the first video footage from the flick over at MTV News.

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