Bousman Remaking Children of the Corn?


Another rumor has been ignited that says that the very busy Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw 3) is attached to direct the Children of the Corn remake. Now normally this kind of rumor would make sense. But Bousman has really filled up his schedule! He is already working on Saw 4, a Scanners remake, and his own project Repo!.

IESB heard the rumor and made an attempt to contact Dimension/The Weinstein Co. but got no response yet. They also contacted Bousman's people who gave the "no comment" line. So this one is really a possibility. I wouldn't count on seeing any time soon however if Bousman does indeed direct.

The prospect of a Children of the Corn doesn't really sound like that bad of an idea actually. Yes its a good film but I think with all the special FX and everything at Bousmans disposal I think this could be made even better. The original will always be a great film in horror history but an enertaining remake of a paritally flawed film is always worth a shot.

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