Rogue Croc Meets DVD Banishment

I have to say I wasn't too surprised about this. I reported a few weeks ago that Australian Greg McLean's giant croc flick followup to Wolf Creek, Rogue, after being pulled from release was gonna be put into theaters. Well, after what the Weinsteins did with Feast, this shouldn't come as much a surprise.

The fine folks at Fangoria learned the news today that the Weinsteins have decided to say the heck with theaters and send the film direct-to-dvd. With the Weinsteins recent track record and the strange dance that was the multiple release dates for Feast before it was put on a hundred screens before being thrown onto DVD...this shouldn't come as much a surprise to most.

Primeval, other giant croc film that apparently scared the Weinsteins into pulling Rogue from release, which if you didn't read IMDB you would never know it was about a croc, is getting its DVD release in June. Here the Weinsteins will beat it...Rogue is being dumped on to DVD on May 20. No word yet what special features, if any will be included.

Chalk up another potential horror hit to the bowels of direct-to-DVD hell.
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